Friday, December 18, 2009

Predators at the San Diego Zoo -- Part 2


Another set of shots from our trip to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. In an attempt to post these in some sort of logical fashion, I've put up a set of predators.

This magnificent lion was camped out on top of an old SUV that is part of its territory in the Wild Animal Park. Each time we passed him by he was sound asleep, but for a brief moment he lifted his head to look around, and quite thankfully, I had my lens on him at the time!


The eyes on this beautiful cat just pull you in:

It was raining while we watched the otters, but clearly, they could care less.

While not as charismatic as the above predators, I've always been fascinated by our largest living lizard species. This guy was quite large, and happy to pose for shots behind the glass.

Isn't this guy cute? Not a baby, this is a dwarf crocodile. Taken by my darling wife, who was manning the wide-angle camera at the zoo.


  1. It's always nice to not get the fences or other human development in the background. Lets you visually fantisize that you are in their native habitat. That being said my favorite image is of the back lit mane of the lion. The backlighting and blue color of the sky I think really hit me. Awesome job. I'm hoping to find river otters when we head out west soon. Only foot prints captured so far. All the best.

  2. Thanks, Jarred! I agree about the fences and enclosures -- and the San Diego Zoo is pretty good for photography, since a lot of their exhibits were designed to be more open and with 'natural barriers' like walls made to look like rocks instead of just a cement barrier. Good luck with the river otters -- I've seen them a few times around here, but have yet to get a reasonable shot of one!