Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cub along the fence

Cub on the fence

This cute little black bear cub belongs to the mother bear from my previous posts. It was really fun to watch him bound around the creek side, and he even caught a few salmon for himself. In this shot he's taking a quick break from chasing the fish to see what was happening upstream of the salmon fence.


  1. When I was there, the cub would come down to the creek, grab a salmon, then head directly back into the woods. He must have gotten a lot more comfortable hanging out at the creek!

  2. The cub seemed pretty confident around the water, he spent some time splashing around upstream of the salmon gate while his mother was on the other side and even once climbed right over the weir. He didn't cosume fish in the river though like the mother did though, he would grab a salmon from the water and then take it to the stream bank or the big log to eat it.