Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tule Elk Face Off -- Plus, I Need your votes for the National Geographic Contest

Face Off -- And I need your votes!

So here's another image that has been sitting in my queue, ready to be posted, just waiting for the right moment. Well, today is finally the right time -- and there's a good reason why:

One of my other images from this fight has been selected as a nominee for the Viewer's Choice Award in the 2010 National Geographic Photo Contest. I could really use your help in the voting -- please follow the link below and rate my elk as a 10!

Please follow this link to the National Geographic site and rate my image a 10! The voting ends on December 15.

This is the image in the contest, which I blogged back in August:
Evenly matched

Thanks for voting and please spread the word to anyone that might be interested! These are both shots of a fight between two male tule elk during the rutting season in Point Reyes National Seashore.


  1. Voted! Great shot, hope you win. I linked to your blog in my blogroll, check out my site and do the same if you wish. I really enjoy your photography and your style! :)

  2. Got my vote man! Tweeted it too. Hope I got ya some extras. Good luck!

  3. @Landfill Bird Blog: Thanks very much for voting, for your kind words, and for linking to my site! You've got a nice diversity fo bird sightings on your blog, very cool!

    @Jarred: Thanks so much for voting and for sharing the link! That's awesome!