Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dogwood blossoms, Yosemite National Park

Dogwood blossom in Yosemite National Park

During our May trip to Yosemite, the mountain dogwoods (Cornus nuttallii) were blooming all over the valley floor. It's amazing how much a tree full of these gorgeous flowers can brighten up a trail. As if the park isn't beautiful enough on its own, the addition of these flowers all along the river was stunning.

Dogwood blossoms in Yosemite National Park

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  1. Beautiful shots. I really miss dogwoods. We had them in Atlanta but there are non here in central Florida.

  2. Those dogwoods are pretty pat. The one in the background in the second photo almost looks like a fried egg.

  3. We also have dogwoods here in Tasmania (Australia). When in full flower the trees have to be seen to be believed. However, our species is a little different to yours. For a start our have yellow flowers and they are slightly smaller in size.

    I like the angle in the lower photo Pat. It brings your eye right into the foliage.

  4. Beautiful flower !


  5. Thanks, Dina! They are such a beautiful species. It's amazing to see a river just lined with them!

    Thanks, Jim! That's funny about the fried egg.

    Thanks, Iain! How lovely that must be to have a tree covered in yellow flowers! And thanks for your comment on the lower photo -- I sort of liked how the flowers lined up, and it just takes your eye from largest to smallest in the frame.

    Thanks, Jean-Michel!