Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Young pronghorn, Yellowstone National Park

Smiling young pronghorn - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

Here is one of my favorite shots from today in Yellowstone National Park, which was chosen for today's upload at my wife's request. This photo cracks her up since it appears that the pronghorn is smiling into the camera and saying "Cheese!" She's always joking that wildlife likes to pose for me, so this one was her favorites. We had a great close-up encounter with a group of pronghorn this morning, and some of the other highlights included seeing wolves (and pups!) through the binoculars in the Lamar Valley, as well as a grizzly bear! Both were feeding at different times on a bison carcass that was really far away -- but thanks to some friendly people with scopes, we were able to get a pretty good glimpse of them.


  1. very pretty! and i believe she's also batting her eyelashes at you! :)

  2. An amazingly clear, crisp shot as usual. Beautiful animal, and she does seem to be smiling . . .

  3. Stunning image of this beauty with the amazingly long eyelashes and sweet smile! As always, outstanding photograph. You capture nature like no other!