Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blackbird on cattails, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

A red-winged blackbird on a cattail in Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

In my post from last evening, I wrote about the experience of getting out with my camera after over three months without using it. I thought I'd follow it up today with a frame from my last outing before my summer hiatus. A few days after I accepted my position at Harvard in May, I took a celebratory trip out to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, I didn't see much out there except for this gregarious red-winged blackbird bouncing between cattails along the road.

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  1. Beautiful image of the Red-winged Blackbird though! I have a friend who teaches Egyptology at Harvard...Peter Manuelian. I long to visit Boston once again and walk the paths at Harvard, such a beautiful old campus. Happy weekend~