Friday, October 25, 2019

Sanderling dance moves, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Photography by Pat Ulrich: Sanderlings &emdash; Sanderling dance moves

A cool thing about photography is how it can capture a single moment and give it meaning beyond what you may have noticed in real time. Here, a simple change in the direction this sanderling was running added a lot of life ot the frame -- giving the illusion of a sanderling dancing across the beach.


  1. Beautiful photo, Pat! I always like your angle with shorebirds. I assume you must prone out for a lot of your photos.

    1. Thanks, Brian! Yes, I'm always flat out on the sand for my shorebird photography with my lens foot just above the sand. Means that I get soaked and covered in sand, but totally worth it for the eye-level perspective.