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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunset over the Golden Gate

Sunset over the Golden Gate

Over the weekend we headed out to Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley to look for the small group of western burrowing owls that overwinter there. On Saturday, we didn't find the owls, but we were treated to a remarkable sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge

I've often seen images from Africa where the sun looks incredibly huge while it sets over the horizon, and I've wondered why that happens and if it happens here too. It was amazing how large the sun looked, and it was a reminder of how quickly our planet rotates around its axis -- it only took a few minutes for it to completely pass behind the bridge and slip from sight.

Golden Gate Bridge sunset panoramic

Friday, November 6, 2009

Golden Gate at Sunrise

Golden Gate Sunrise

Ever since moving to the Bay Area a few years ago and seeing the bridge covered in fog and then seeing the many amazing pictures of this scene, I have been chasing that moment. I regret to report that I still have yet to get the shot I want, but I started heading in the right direction a few weeks back. I was planning to head to Bothin Marsh in the Mill Valley area, and as I was crossing the Richmond-San Rafael bridge before sunrise I saw a chance for the shot I’m picturing. I could see clearly that the southern pillar was in the fog, and the northern was clear. So I decided to give it a shot and go for it. I passed by Bothin on 101, and decided to head down to Fort Baker, which is a place I had not previously visited.

To my surprise, I found the parking area full near the fishing pier and a ton of people there reeling in their catch as the sun came up over the horizon. Here's a view in the opposite direction, with the Transamerica Building reaching above the fog.

The City at Sunrise

What amazed me the most about spending 20 or so minutes there is how dynamic the fog was. At times it would cover half of the bridge completely, and then a few minutes later most of the span, including both pillars would be clear in the sun. It was quite fun to shoot, but I think there is probably a better vantage point at a location other than the fishing pier down there. It was a beautiful morning, but I’m still chasing that glory-shot of half of the bridge in golden morning light with half in fog.