Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally -- a bobcat

After a handful of unsuccessful trips to Tennessee Valley over the past few weeks, I finally encountered a bobcat there. This is the first time I've ever been in the presence of a wild one, and even though it never came real close it was still awesome to have the chance to observe it.

First bobcat encounter (1of2)

The bobcat listened for prey along the trail and made a pounce into the bushes along the right side before disappearing for a few minutes. It sauntered back out into the path before briefly listening for a meal along the other side of the trail before it strolled up along the path and into the woods.

First bobcat encounter (2of2)

I also had the pleasure of bumping into local wildlife photographer Trish Carney, who was looking for bobcats along the same trail. I highly recommend checking out her website if you want to see some spectacular bobcat images (as well as many other species).


  1. Hi Pat-

    Beautiful shots! And thanks for the was a pleasure meeting you too!

    Happy Trails!

  2. That's a beautiful, sleek cat! Glad you found one to photograph.

  3. A bobcat? I'm so jealous! Awesome captures and an fantastic subject to add to your files. I'm sure it was an incredible experiences. Awesome job dude.

  4. Beautiful captures. Like you, I've hoped for a close encounter with a bobcat. I see them in my periphery, in the distance. Just caught a glimpse of one at Mt. Tam this past week, but he was so far away, my image is one of blurred ears in the grass. I've been living vicariously through Trish's blog and was happy to find these stunning shots of this cat, in all of his Tennessee Valley splendor.

  5. Oh, how wonderful; you were so fortunate to see such a beautiful creature in the wild.