Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick Post - Wild Hummingbird at the San Diego Zoo

Wild hummingbird at the zoo

There were a number of wild birds taking advantage of the nicely kept grounds of both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park when we visited last December. This hummer was flitting about between the flowers growing along the paths before stopping for just long enough to let me snap off a few frames.


  1. Hey Pat,

    That's awesome and tack sharp to boot. I wonder how many rarities fly in to the zoo. That's definitely a zoo I'd sure like to visit. i wonder if I should make a trip to the Bronx zoo here...

  2. Thanks, Jarred. There were really a number of wild birds in the park -- especially herons and egrets. It seemed like every tree you looked in was adorned with snowy egrets, and even at SeaWorld they crowded the edges of the orca show tank to catch fish that the whales missed.