Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mule deer at Elk Praire

Mother mule deer

On our trip up to Redwood National and State Parks along the northern California coast, we saw quite a few Roosevelt elk (pictures to come, once they're sorted) but none in the places advertised as often having the elk. However, in the Elk Prairie of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park we did see a trio of mule deer during our second day of looking for elk there.

Young mule deer

The prairie itself was beautiful, a large expanse of tall dry grass with redwoods lining the edges. While I only have a few shots of these deer there, a return trip during the fall elk rut is definitely high on my list -- since I think it would be awesome to witness in this area.


  1. I love the beautiful colors on this two pictures ! Great work !

  2. Mule deer are some of my favorite. Loved them when I was out in Wyoming and Montana.

    I also wanted to congratulate you on winning second prize! What an honor after beating out thousands of entries! Congrats again! I'm sure your very proud :-)

  3. Thanks, Pescalune and Jarred! Mule deer are always a pleasure to see in the field. And thanks for the congrats as well -- I am definitely proud of the 2nd place finish, it is really awesome!