Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick Post -- Western Burrowing Owl

From a February walk in Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina.

Western Burrowing Owl

This bird seemed particularly nervous about overhead predators, glancing skyward every few minutes.

Watching for predators


  1. Great sighting and excellent shots, Pat!

  2. Gorgeous shots! These are particularly difficult to find down here in Santa Barbara.

  3. Thanks, John & Barry! These guys are a pleasure to watch and photograph. They're fairly easy to find at the Berkeley Marina, as they seem to have a particular burrow that they are always around.

  4. Jealous,

    Images with such clarity and you did the right thing. The images speak for themselves; no extra text. And adding that green background is such a key. Nice work!

  5. Thanks, Jarred! The color of the new shoots of grass in CA is just amazing in early spring -- here's its just a bit around the owl burrows, but you can find many much larger landscapes that are that same glowing color.