Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quail in the Valley

Quail in the brush

A male California Quail in the brush along the trail in Tennessee Valley.


  1. That Quail is just magnificent. I wish I had them where I was. The rich greens give such a compliment to his dark colors I think.

    I couldn't agree more about how its hard to get the mind fully clear (referring to your recent comment on my post.) It sure helped though. Something about photography gets you in the zone. The location of Kaaterskill Falls can be a tad touristy, but it being the biggest in NY State is a treat. I've noticed I like using people for scale in my images recently. Well, enough blabbering. Awesome work.

  2. Thanks, Jarred! Nature photography is definitely a great way to relax -- and being out in nature with the focus of seeing, watching, waiting, and ultimately composing up to the moment you release the shutter really does help to push everything else from my mind.