Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild turkey, Tennessee Valley

Wild turkey

A common sight near the horse stables at Tennessee Valley, these wild turkeys are a fun to see up close. So remarkably ugly, but with beautiful plumage especially when a male displays.


  1. So many people seem to be deterred by them even though they really can be majestic. Ben franklin wasn't crazy I think when he wanted to make it our nations bird. It's funny how I got the images of the wild turkeys on my blog. There is a Psychiatric Institution here and they have taken up residency in huge numbers, haha. I got permission to enter and had an awesome time photographing the displaying males. Awesome work as usual!

  2. Yeah, they are definitely not the prettiest of birds at first glance, but I agree that they can be majestic. I remember those shots you took of the turkeys, and too funny about where you took them! I haven't seen them anywhere as unique as that, but I just recently saw a large flock feeding in a tidal wetland, which was pretty cool.