Friday, January 7, 2011

Resting elephant seal, Año Nuevo State Reserve

One more shot from the archives of my 2010 trip to Año Nuevo State Reserve. This is another male northern elephant seal resting on Loser's Beach in the reserve. You can see an additional male in the backdrop of this image, its the brownish blob near the cliff base.

Male northern elephant seal -- Pat Ulrich Wildlife and Nature Photography

In February I posted a portrait of this particular seal, which is one of my favorite shots of these guys. As I mentioned at the time, they are often regarded as loud, aggressive beasts (which they can be at times), but I like to show off their more relaxed side, since they spend a lot of their time resting.

Sleeping giant -- Pat Ulrich Wildlife and Nature Photography


  1. Their faces have such character. I love these guys.

  2. @Dominic: Thanks! It's a real pleasure to get close to these guys. I still like having a long lens to do it with though, since you don't want to get too close!

    @Mark: I agree -- they are such amazing animals!