Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American avocet, Radio Road Ponds

Avocet portrait - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

A few more shots from the nice encounter I had last month with a large flock of American avocets at Radio Road Ponds. Mid-march is right at their transition time from the basic plumage, which is in grayscale, and their breeding plumage, with the beautiful cinnamon coloration.

Summer vs. Winter Plumage - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

Regardless of their plumage of the day, I find these birds to be so elegant. They stand tall, with a long smooth shape to their body and bills, and they just seem to float as they walk.

American avocet standing tall - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography


  1. Beautiful ! Absolutely beautiful !!

  2. Such beautiful birds. Is it in the stilt family?

  3. This is one of my favorite bird (wich i never saw)! Those image are perfection!

  4. these are just gorgeous, crisp and clear, you can see every detail!!!

  5. Great shots of a bird I have never seen. Love the gentle curve of the bill.

  6. That is one gorgeous bird!
    Lovely photos too.
    Love the one where you can see both plumage 'styles' :)

  7. Incredible photos. I wonder if they have to be careful walking around with those sharp beaks.

  8. Pat, thank you for posting on my blog. Your images leave me feeling rather inadequate!
    They are outstanding!

  9. Awesome photos. What a gorgeous bird.. (I love its long bill!)

  10. I agree with you, I too, find them very elegant and love to watach them when I have the opportunity. Well, european ones that is. :)

  11. Thanks, texwisgirl!

    Thanks, Pescalune!

    Thanks, Carol! I believe that they are -- they are different genuses, but descriptions always compare them to the black-necked stilts.

    Thanks, Dominic! One of my favorites too!

    Thanks, Debbie!

    Thanks, Jean! They are lovely, aren't they?

    Thanks, NicoleB!

    Thanks, Mike! Yeah, it's pretty amazing that they don't get those stuck anywhere ;-)

    Thanks, Amila!

    Thanks for the kind words, Robin! (And please don't feel inadequate -- birds as pretty as this make the photography easy!)

    Thanks, Ryan!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Thanks, NatureFootstep! I would love to see the European avocets too -- well, I've seen them in pictures, but it's not the same as in real life!