Friday, April 1, 2011

Willet on blue, Moss Landing State Beach

Willet on the beach - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

The unseasonably warm temps with plenty of sunshine the past few days calls for a colorful and warm picture. Here's a willet cruising along the shoreline of Moss Landing State Beach, with the gorgeous blue of the Pacific behind.


  1. that's a model strut if i ever saw one. gorgeous!

  2. I love to watch shore birds and willets are some of the greatest. Actually looking forward to "coming home" to the Northwest and the Pacific this summer.

  3. Very nice image Pat. I like the composition, lighting and BG.

  4. Thanks, texwisgirl! A definitely runway strut!

    Thanks, Sallie! Willets are fun, especially since I can often get quite close to them on the beaches.

    Thanks, Mike!

    Thanks, Jim! The morning light on the waves at Moss Landing is always great!