Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black-bellied plover after sundown, Pillar Point Harbor

Black-bellied Plover on the sand - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

I took so many shots of this individual plover as we spent over an hour together on the beach at Pillar Point Harbor last month, and I have a lot more to edit and prepare for uploading. Before this experience I had always found black-bellied plovers to be rather skittish. However, this one was really successful at pulling up worms from the sand, and it seemed to be so focused on the task at hand that it could care less about the photographer tagging along behind.


  1. what a beautiful picture. love your blog!!! xo

  2. Nice photo Pat. Very sharp, great shooting angle, good composition and background/foreground.

  3. How wonderful the beauty you get to experience. Love your photos.

  4. Thanks, texwisgirl! The soft late light and close range made for nice details in this one.

    Thanks, Debbie! Glad you're enjoying my blog!

    Thanks, Jim! I kind of liked how its colors blended so well with the sandy backdrop too. It's amazing to think that it's turning all black on the front now for breeding season!

    Thanks, Gale! Photos never quite do a beautiful bird justice, but I try my best to share what I see!