Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prowling plover, Pillar Point Harbor

Prowling black-bellied plover - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

A black-bellied plover hunting for worms in the sand at Pillar Point Harbor on Half Moon Bay. There was surprisingly little in the way of birds along the shoreline on this particular evening, but I did manage to make a tentative friendship with this plover. After watching it pluck a number of worms from the sand before sunset, I was able to work my way in close and gain its trust. I followed it up and down the beach a number of times as it ran back and forth, and on a few occasions it came so close that I couldn't keep the whole bird in the frame. No complaints here though -- it's always a pleasure to have the chance to spend some quality time with a shorebird!

Black-bellied plover - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography


  1. Good color and detail in these images Pat.

  2. Thanks, Jim -- I got a nice mix of late light just after the sun had set with a really cooperative subject.

  3. Do people eat plover's eggs?
    I have a feeling that the first eggs found in the UK are sent to the Queen, for her delectation. Strange custom. I won't even eat quail's eggs. Too invasive.

  4. Now that really is good. Cant say any more really!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  5. Gorgeous shots of the plover. Well done!

  6. Superb detail. Well done Pat.

  7. Thanks, Kah-Wai!

    JoCo: I don't know if they do eat plover's eggs or not -- I've never heard of it before, but I wouldn't have a good reason to know if they do. Interesting comment about sending the eggs to the Queen!

    Thanks, Stewart!

    Thanks, Eileen!

    Thanks, Frank!