Monday, March 14, 2011

Western Grebe on Rippled Water, Pillar Point Harbor

Western Grebe on Rippled Water -- Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

A western grebe swimming through striped reflections in Pillar Point Harbor near Half Moon Bay. This shot is from last November, but this is in honor of the pair of grebes that we saw doing their mating dance at the Berkeley Marina recently. It's a spectacle that I've wanted to witness ever since I saw it on Life of Birds. While I didn't get a chance to photograph it this time (it happened quickly and too far off) it was cool to see the birds mimicing each other's movements, and then take off together to "run" on the water!


  1. Perfect capture!

    Kah Wai

  2. very serene! Nice composition.... simple yet effective.

  3. Very nice Pat. These are very pretty birds and photographing their mating dance would be a real treat.

  4. excellent, i love the subject in the middle of all these water lines