Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flock of avocets, Radio Road Ponds

Flock of American avocets - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

As I was sitting along the edge of the pond, a large flock of avocets flew a lap over the water and then headed straight for me. What a pleasure it was to have 50+ birds land right in front of me. They are such lovely shorebirds, especially once they transition to their full summer colors.


  1. I agree Pat, these are good looking birds. Seeing a large flock fly in would indeed be a pleasure.

  2. Nice capture Pat. They are pretty, especially when they develop that reddish color on their heads and chests.

  3. Great composition on this picture. Love the first one very sharp and the others blurred in the background.


  4. That's some great luck, Pat! You could never sneak up on them, but if they come in while you're already there, you're golden.