Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turnstone in kelp, Pillar Point Harbor

Black turnstone in kelp - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

Reaching into the archives after a busy week of traveling, here are two shots of a black turnstone in the intertidal area of Pillar Point Harbor at low tide from last August. I've had so many interesting settings in which to photograph shorebirds there, from seagrass to bulbous pods, and the red color of this kelp really makes for a unique foreground, I think.

Black turnstone at Pillar Point Harbor - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

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  1. Nice colors Pat. I've never been to Pillar Point, but now you've given me a reason to go.

  2. That bottom shot is superb! The wild variety of kelp looks great, the light's nice and even, and I really like the bird's upward glance.

  3. Great shots ,Pat. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Totally amazing color--such a beautiful shot of this bird!

  5. Great photos. That's a bird I'd like to see.

  6. Exquisite images! Crisp and colorful. Perfection!

  7. Great shots of the Black Turnstones.

  8. Really wonderful images of Turnstones! You're right - the red kelp is a perfect setting.

  9. Now thats a good shot! Splendid bird as well.

    Stewart M - Australia

  10. Great composition and a nice shot. Wonderful!
    Have a nice day.

  11. Great shots! Love the low angle

  12. Beautiful! The kelp in the second photo looks like it's been arranged by an artist.

  13. Classic Pat Ulrich photography here! How you kept the rich colors of the kelp from overwhelming the bird is beyond me. This is really a fantastic setting, I can't recall seeing anything like it. Bravo!

  14. Thanks, Gary!

    Thanks, holdingmoments!

    Thanks, Mama Zen!

    Thanks, Sondra! Reds can be fairly rare in nature, and often are associated with stronger emotion -- so this was a cool chance to incorporate it in a different way.

    Thanks, Andrew!

    Thanks, Mick! They are fairly plain, but still a pleasure to view. Not quite as flashy as the ruddy turnstone though.

    Thanks, Adam!

    Thanks, Julie!

    Thanks, Eileen!

    Thansk, bailey-road! The kelp definitely makes for a different kind of image than a plain sandy or rocky shoreline.

    Thanks, Stewart!

    Thanks, Fotokarusellen!

    Thanks, √ėyvind! Getting low with the birds is a must for my style of photography.

    Thanks, Hilke! I can assure you that I did not arrange the kelp in this fashion -- but perhaps the turnstone chose it intentionally since it would make for a nice image ;-)

    Thanks, Springman! It's all about the overcast light in this shot -- the heavy clouds help to bring out both the colors and the details.

  15. This is a cool looking bird and you captured it perfectly.

  16. Beautiful photos- very interesting markings on its head.

  17. Gorgeous portrait of this turnstone. Love the second with perfect background !You can see french turnstones here :


  18. Thanks, Alan -- I agree that they are pretty cool birds. Not too flashy, but still interesting.

    Thanks, Mike! The speckled look on the head is part of their breeding plumage.

    Thanks, Jean-Michel! The French turnstones are quite flashy, much like our ruddy turnstones (perahps they are the same?)