Sunday, February 27, 2011

Frosty sparrow, Tennessee Valley

With the extra cold weather this weekend in the Bay Area, I figured I'd take a walk in Tennessee Valley with the hope of seeing some wildlife in the frosted meadows. Unfortunately, nothing was stirring in the early morning light except for some sparrows along the trail.

Frosty sparrow

Perhaps it was singing about how cold its feet were!

Singing about the cold


  1. Pat you have presented this lovely fella incredibly well... pin sharp, stunning detail. Not bad for a miserable frosty morning


  2. I can hear him sing on the second image! Great shot's ;)

  3. Terrific shots, Pat! The green leafy footing really adds to scene. I am so looking forward to hearing song sparrows here.

  4. Exceptional photos Pat. Great depth of field.

  5. Excellent Pat. Great background, great color and great body angles and detail on the bird.

  6. Beautiful shots and great caption :)

  7. Outstanding images of this frosty sparrow! Amazing detail. Perfection!

  8. I like how he's got his extra-fluffy coat on. ;)

  9. So beautiful. #2 is simply wonderful. I love birds.

  10. Hmm, Pat I tried commenting here several times and not sure if they are being accepted or not. Have experienced this with several Blogger hosted sites. Now trying with a different browser.

    Anyway, just wanted to say nice work with these images. I love the extra detail and sense of place the frost adds.

  11. Thanks, Dave! The morning could have been miserable, but since this kind of cold is a fairly rare occurence in the Bay Area, it was a pleasure to feel the chill on my face!

    Thanks, Dominic!

    Thanks, Hilke! I agree -- it picked a really nice perch, and thankfully stayed there for a while to let me get some shots!

    Thanks, Adam! The background is a hillside behind it, but since I was able to get pretty close to this cooperative subject, the bokeh came out nice.

    Thanks, Jim! This bird stayed there for a while, so I had a chance to pick my favorite position.

    Thanks, dreamfalcon!

    Thanks, Julie!

    Thanks, John! It certainly does appear like it added an extra layer or two of down ;-)

    Thanks, Gale -- I love birds too!

    Thanks, Mark! I was very excited to have a chance to get some frost in my images, and even better when this sparrow was there too. And sorry that you were having trouble commenting in blogger -- I know I've had issues with that before, and ended up switching browsers at one point to comment as well. Strangely enough, that was one time when Internet Explorer actually worked better than Firefox!