Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Northern pintail drake at Bothin Marsh

Northern pintail drake - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

One of my favorite duck species to photograph, I think that northern pintails are just so beautiful. They have wonderful lines to their slender shape, and such great patterns in their plumage. Here's a shot of a drake swimming across the flooded marsh channel at low tide in Bothin Marsh.


  1. Hi Pat, thanks for your recent visit and comment. I came over after seeing your avatar with the gigantic lens and it peaked my interest and I am not disappointed. I think your photography is exquisite! In addition, I think you do a public service. Perhaps if more people are exposed to these kinds of lovely images, they will not be so quick to dismiss or damage our animal friends and their habitats. Again, beautiful work.

  2. Beautiful plumage detail captured here. A handsome bird indeed.

  3. handsome indeed..... stunning image

  4. Hi Pat! Great photos on your blog!
    I went to the San Diego bird fest a couple years ago. I was amazed at how close you could get to the ducks out there. In Ohio, you're lucky to be able to get them in your scope!

  5. Thanks for your very kind words, Stickup Artist! It's always a hope of mine to inspire people to care about wildlife.

    Thanks, dfg and Dave!

    Thanks, Dave! In some places pintails can be really hard to get close to, but if its in an area with a lot of foot traffic they are much more relaxed. This particular spot is right along the Bay Trail, which see's thousands of walkers/runners/bikers each day, so the birds let you get pretty close.