Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elephant seal display at sunset, Año Nuevo State Reserve

Bull elephant seal displaying at sunset - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

Two images of this male northern elephant seal displaying on the beach at Año Nuevo State Reserve. Not only did we find this lively seal to photograph, but we were also treated to a beautiful California sunset on this early January day as well.

Bull northern elephant seal - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

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  1. Wonderful images as always Pat. The lighting is really lovely. Are they aware of you and how close are you?

  2. Thanks, Paul! These guys are one of my favorite subjects to photograph for sure, and even better when you can pair them with nice sunset light. In answer to your question, they are definitely aware of your presence, although they tend to be fairly indifferent as long as you don't move around too quickly, etc... But even when they are relaxed, they keep an eye out for who is on the beach with them, occasionally turning their heads to find you, and then going back to sleep. As for the distance, the rule in the park is to stay 25 feet away from them at all times, and we don't ever really get even that close.

  3. Superb job! I especially love the first image. Great light, clarity and capturing of his action. Love your stuff & have added you to my blog roll in order to share your work with an even wider audience.

  4. Fantastic photos. What a magnificent creature...