Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bobcat in the bushes, Tennessee Valley

Three shots from our weekend encounter with this lovely bobcat in Tennessee Valley. After finishing its meal and strolling down the trail for a bit, the bobcat decided to take a break in the bushes just off of the trail. There were a lot of branches around, but thankfully it picked a spot where I could shoot over the coyote brush to get an unobstructed view of its face.

Wild cat eye contact

They are such beautiful animals, and they seem to carry themselves as if they know it. This one looked quite regal, even with its eyes closed.

Bobcat at rest - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

The cat was eventually brought out of its restful trance by a small white dog following its master down the trail. The shot below is of it eyeing up the dog as it passed -- we were able to watch it turn its head to follow the progress of the fluffy canine. I'm not even sure that the owner knew there was a cat in the bushes, but you could tell that the cat was contemplating if it was worth taking a run at it.

Bobcat stare - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography


  1. Uahhh¡¡excelentes,fantásticas¡¡buenas capturas.


  2. Great photos of a beautiful animal. Thanks for posting.

  3. Cool blog, Pat and awesome photos! How I envy you these critters, some of which we just don't have here in Maine or I simply have not seen. I've never been to Tennesse but imagine that it's really beautiful, which you capture with these images. I'm looking forward to following your work.

  4. He's a real beauty; and I agree, he certainly knows it. That second shot is excellent.

  5. Man! He let you get some nice shots, love the squinty eyed look!

  6. What great shots - see any kind of predator is always a thrill. Ours natives are a bit smaller than the the Bobcat.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  7. Too bad the cat didn't make a run at the dog as a nice little reminder that dogs aren't allowed there in the first place. ;)

  8. Wow .. really beautiful shots!

  9. What a cool and beautiful animal. I have always loved the cats in the wild.
    I happened to have a Bobcat kit when I was in gradeschool. It was found in a den with others after the Mother had probably been killed. This was in the Cascades Mts, in Washington. I treasured the time I got to spend with it.
    You have a wonderful blog and of course knowing how to use a good camera helps some. LOL MB

  10. Oh my gosh, he is so beautiful and you are so lucky~!~ Wonderful photos.

    We have here in Florida what they call "panthers" -- in the Northwest, we'd call them Mountain Lions (which I have seen there as well as bobcats.) But we haven't been able to spot the panthers at all. Even on some of the roads that we travel there are signs that say 'panther crossing'!

  11. Simple stunning shots Pat. I think "Regal" is the perfect word to describe this cat.

  12. Gracias, casacarilleiro!

    Thanks, Steven!

    Thanks, Robin! I'm glad you've enjoyed looking at my blog. Just to clarify, this picture was taken in Tennessee Valley, which is a region of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California. Although the state of Tennessee is lovely also!

    Thanks, holdingmoments!

    Thanks, Johnny Nutcase!

    Thanks, Stewart! I agree, there's something special about sharing space with a predatory species.

    I agree, John! I was pretty sure that there are no dogs allowed, and I'm guessing the healthy bobcat and coyote population is part of the reason why.

    Thanks, Dan!

    Thanks, Small City Scenes! how cool to have been able to spend some time with the kittens. I've never been so lucky to see them in the wild, but they are adorable in pictures!

    Thanks, Sallie! What a priviledge it would be to see the endangered and elusive Florida panther! I would love to see a mountain lion in the wild, although I imagine it would get the heart racing for sure.

    Thanks, Alan! They really do carry themselves well.

  13. You have a beautiful blog,close-ups of the cat makes me want to get out my sketch pad & draw him,you really captured alot of detail,phylliso

  14. Great captures Pat. I keep meaning to go to TV because The bobcats seem fairly approachable, but every time I load my gear in the car it seems to go to Point Reyes.

  15. What a fantastic close encounter! Your photos are brilliant.

  16. Thanks, phylliso! They are remarkably beautiful cats, and I'm glad I was able to capture the details of their patterns.

    Thanks, Jim! You should give definitely take a walk there sometime. There are some particular cats that are regularly photographed, and they seem to be really tolerant of people. But I know the feeling of having my car take me straight to Point Reyes too!

    Thanks, JM! It was a terrific experience for sure!