Friday, October 7, 2011

Bison, Grand Teton National Park

Bison in Grand Teton NP - Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography

While we certainly found bison on every day of our Grand Teton and Yellowstone trip, one of the best encounters came in the late afternoon in Grand Teton National Park. The large herd that resides there had moved fairly close to the road, and they stayed there resting, feeding, fighting, and running around until long after the sun had set. These are such remarkable animals, and it's interesting to think about what the landscape must have looked like a few hundred years ago when a few million were still roaming the west!

View more photos of the largest land animal in North America in my Bison Gallery.


  1. I just posted the same thing this morning...bison. Good thing I did so before checking bloggers I follow posts for the day or I might have chickened out. Looks like you were with them at a much better time of day than I. Very nice.

  2. Gorgeous photo! I wish there were still a few million of these guys roaming around.

  3. This image is very powerful! I love the orange hue on the bison.