Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dunlin catches a worm, Plymouth Beach

Dunlin catches a worm along Plymouth Beach, Massachusetts
A dunlin prepares to eat a worm it just pulled from the sand along Plymouth Beach, Massachusetts

On a late spring trip to Plymouth Beach, I had the good fortune of watching a flock of dunlin feeding in front of the rising tide. While I've previously photographed dunlin catching clams on Plum Island, it was a new experience to see this one pull out a worm from the exposed sediments.

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  1. I bet s/he's quite proud! That's a lovely bird and a great capture.

  2. Pretty dunlin and kudos on the photo composition.

  3. Lovely pose Pat, and great eye level composition too

  4. Wonderful picture! Managed to get some similar shots of oystercatchers a few years back.

    Puffins are a bit of a dream bird - but if you get a chance to see (and photograph) them you may be surprised at how small they are - about 12 inches.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne