Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organized chaos -- sanderling takeoff and landing

Watching these birds attempt to stay a step ahead of the waves is always a fun thing to do. Especially when there is a large flock involved, as its great to see them move in unison. But every now and then, they seem to misjudge the incoming water and have to result to a mass takeoff. My challenge on this trip was to attempt to capture the chaos, as well as the beauty, of such a scene. Below is a sequence from the action that followed a single incoming wave.

Chaotic Takeoff

Takeoff and Landing, Chaotic (2of3)

Takeoff and Landing, Chaotic (1of3)

Takeoff and Landing, Chaotic (3of3)


  1. My favorite kind of chaos. Awesome job Pat. It's hard to find patterns in all the chaos and you pulled it off. Now if I could just get my lens back from service to get out there myself! All the best Pat.

  2. Thanks, Jarred! Here's to hoping you get your lens back soon!