Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peaceful moments

Well, a very busy past few weeks has kept me away from posting new images, but I did manage to slip out for a great early morning walk along Limantour Spit two weekends ago, and we went for a terrific camping trip to the North Coast redwoods this weekend (many images to come, I'm sure -- once I've actually had a chance to look at them). But first, I thought I would share two relatively serene scenes, at least as far as sanderlings go.

Peaceful beach (1of2)

For anyone that has watched these guys frantically pick at the beach and stay one step ahead of the waves, they seem to be in constant motion. It was a nice change of pace to capture some fleeting quiet moments with them before they picked up speed again and took off up the beach.

Peaceful beach (2of2)


  1. Hey Pat,

    The depth of field here is truly amazing. Had to get low to achieve those shots I bet. The first image reminds me of a Beatles album cover :-)

  2. Thanks, Jarred! and lol about the Beatles album cover -- that's awesome! I always love getting as low as possible for shorebirds, and I ended up pretty wet for these shots since they decided to do their preening in the upper reaches of the surf-zone. as soon as I put my legs in the wet sand I started sinking in. but really, that's the fun of wildlife photography, right?